The best way to get your foot in the door for a front of the house position is to take the first job offered. Once you are hired, you can ask questions about every aspect of how the FOH operates in any position.


Learn the menu, server sequence, busser duties, and some basic bar knowledge is also very useful. I know it seems like a lot initially, but no need to learn in all at once, you already work there. By asking and learning your employer will notice how interested you are in working other positions. They may offer to cross train you, Oohlala, the rest is history.


My first restaurant job was at Red lobster, I was a host, then busser and Alley coordinator(expediter), then I finally became a server, man did I appreciate working all those positions. By the time I became a server I had a great foundation with the flow of the restaurant and how the food should be presented to the table. It took me an entire year to get moved into that server position. When I got into that position, I did not settle in too much. I then, started focusing on learning the bar, about beer,wine, and spirits, up-selling drinks, and knowing which drinks guest order most of.
Don’t don’t stop Asking, that is how you keep Learning, learning leads to Experience. A.L.E.