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The Realization: If I keep my hands full, I almost never get ” in the weeds”, it is efficient, and keeps me moving. By using the FHI-FHO method I am a stronger server and making myself more of an asset to my company and my guests aren’t waiting or asking for anything. Guests tend to be a lot more understanding with me if they see I always have full hands.

The Scenario: I use this method each and every shift. I always take hot food out first and cold food next, I bring fresh beverages when the glass is just under half full. I ask about steak sauce or wine to go with the entrée. One day my kitchen was not prepared for an unexpected rush and the food started taking a while.

The Action: Never leave your guests wondering, be proactive not reactive. Don’t wait until they ask where their food is, by this point if they are asking they are upset, explain to them that there were 3 large parties that came in within an hour of each other or any situation that is causing a delay with their food. Make sure they are set and ready so when their food is ready all you have to do is serve it. Take away salad plates, get new utensils. Another way to be proactive is asking for any condiments and alcoholic beverages before the entrees arrive and doing a two-minute check back after the meals have arrived.

Be Proactive not Reactive it will save you time and increase your tips.